Future Feeds

Automated policy, politics and personnel scraping underpins the research methodology at Future Risk

A variety of automated public-service feeds go out live to the public internet

Deeper data collection work contributes to Future Base which informs our in-house analysis and which is available to subscription clients


The most comprehensive data streams and feeds are available to clients on the FutureBase app. To discuss how access to our data and analysis can leverage your research and risk needs, feel free to email futurebase@ftrsk.com.

We offer a range of less analytical, more automated, higher volume data streams as a public service. You can find us on Telegram and Discord below.


Telegram feeds are live at:


# eurasiapol and # polarpolicy are live on Discord


@futurerisks @eurasiapol and @polarpol are now deprecated on Twitter. Removal of write rules means these feeds are now idle and no longer maintained. These feeds have been superseded by the Telegram and Discord feeds.